BenTrem tweeted on 2009-06-26

  • Web portal for email contact with Ahmedinejad: left sidebar on > < #iranelection [pls RT; my acct is blocked] #
  • @You2Gov BTW/FYI “NiteOwl”, who creates those, is a regular on #twitter #
  • Now 88 pages of “my tweets don’t show up in search!” > < Won’t fix? #TwitterFail #
  • “They brought us here to hit the anti-revolutionaries. That’s why they gave us this club.” > < $200/day club-man #
  • A thought: in games, WoW say, f’ng someone’s sh*t has consequences. In forums? IRC? None. But being upright => hazing / static / kick/ban. #
  • Updated: Tor, Bridges, and more > < #iranelection #
  • Accidentally channel-surfed to kidz TV on PBS … freakin’ amazing shiet haaahaha! #
  • @benlucier That sounds like a great project. My teacher set up an archival input proj in Kathmandu … networked, but vy basic. cheers! #
  • @StevenWalling Blogging while drinking is always an option. c(_) Faile Whale Pale Ale to the rescue! #

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