BenTrem tweeted on 2009-06-11

  • Reno – 1) move dining area to bdroom; work 2) mv dning & bdroom to dning; work; 3) mv bdrm to bdrm & lving to dning; work … 42) end #
  • p.s. I’ll explain: CBS canceled the show that won the Emmy’s *head/desk* #
  • “They want the dissenters out there … it gives the impression of freedom.” -Tom Smothers #
  • “Smothers Smothered”; brings me back to ’68 and ’69: smug f’n yuppies … and now smug-yuppies’ kidz … such a dark age. (Now, not then.) #
  • “An anthropological introduction to YouTube” > < #revisited – “Information R/Evolution” > < #
  • Schweet – When Michael Wesch talks about RSS he screenshots *Drum roll!* NetVibes. haa > “Anthro intro/YouTube” > < #
  • #Take42 – > “Anthro intro/YouTube” > < “It’s almost like you feel allowed to stare at people” [Aesthetic arrest] #
  • NB: how clehvur is Google? Go to YouTube and click “Turn down the lights”. Guess what; the ad isn’t dimmed i.e. it becomes more prominent. #
  • @lesig – Age of prohibitions? Quite so … “against the law”? Yes; as life strives against entropy. Q: can we make the dynamic explicit? :-) #
  • Gawwww … just recalled 12 char PWD to LJ. Stuff sticks! #karma #
  • #music – Laurie Anderson “O Superman”. (And Windows Media Player hijacked MP3 play. Again. Hey, Gates? You’re a fascist. And M$ is fascist.) #
  • Knowledge of calories != fun drinking rum. I wonder [rhetorically, dear reader] what about knowledge of economics? Oh, right … denial. #
  • #music – Massive Attack; “TearDrop”. [What is there to say? Questions … yes, questions are good.] #
  • If anyone were honest for a moment it would be painfully obvious why 90% of blogs have gone dead: everyone is talking past one another. Meh! #
  • #music – Valdy; “Simple Life”. While I learned about NSA and black ops my cohort wove daisies … and proceeded to create a fascist prison. #
  • #paradigm – Saas ad puts down starfish: “… lack one centralized brain so can’t process seamlessly.” ‘Scuze me? “Cloud” is “centralized”? #

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