BenTrem tweeted on 2009-06-08

  • “Tyranny of Dead Ideas” > < Too busy, or too lazy, or too scared, in the end *shrug* same calamity. #oligarchs #matrix #
  • Hezbollah takes back-seat in Lebanon. Now how can there be reason / rule of law / sanity in Iran? #
  • #Fail – Financial regulation, FEMA raction w/Katrina … how about Blackwater and Haliburton / Afghanistan? > < (PBS) #
  • “DoD paid #Halliburton subsidiary KBR $80M bonuses for wiring in Iraq … electrocution deaths of US soldiers” > < #
  • CIA misleading Congress (and even WhiteHouse); aren’t they simply applying the values that you live by? “Gotta be practical”, right? *sigh* #
  • Patriot? Citizen? Or just greedy monger? Who are you /really/? 200th of Tom Paine’s death today. > < #reality #
  • Diff: fundamentalists justify their self-righteous condemnation. Yuppies don’t justify theirs … they deny it … cuz they’re “nice”. #
  • heh – In a German zoo a pair of penguins cared for / hatched an abandoned egg. Oh, did I mention they were both male? Haaahaha! #GayRights #

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