BenTrem tweeted on 2009-06-02

  • heh … proof-reading and found myself going through the text backwards. Hard-earned habit from my MIL-SPEC days. #
  • Sunset has forever been a precious time to me. I’m vy sorry your culture is so hegemonic, so oligarchic, so driven, so reductionist. Truly. #
  • heh – most sophisticated person I know (PrisonDharma) needed me to explain “twitted” (British; active verb). California is all o’that! ;-p #
  • @jeffr0 I was using “Teleport” late 90s … point and shoot huh huh. #
  • @singpolyma COBOL – God knows no more concentration than someone walking the halls with a stack of cards. #FlashBack #
  • Dear yuppies – Joan Armatrading “The Shouting Stage”; why did you devote yourselves to distraction? We bled to cut the path … #music #
  • F’n garbage. Found “Shouting Stage” on Last.FM and “Save” doesn’t work. Yuppies kidz: get the splash, but don’t do the f’n work. #MindFuck #
  • FF2 crashes out on GMail. What a load of crap. You folk really/really/really aren’t ready for prime-time. (Hey, you elbowed me out: you … #
  • “Former Cisco exec Jayshree Ullal says big tech vendors are “trapped into incrementalism.”” > < (InfoWeek) #
  • @halpen – Greets! Podcasted isn’t posted yet, see > < p.s. commented (long!) on your blog. cheers! #
  • “The Peep Project” > by @halpen < Seems to me being online is like eating white sugar when hungry. #

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