BenTrem tweeted on 2009-05-24

  • ReTw @chrismessina: So interesting to read how Google explains OpenID: #
  • “World Beard and Moustache Championships
    Anchorage, Alaska” > < #
  • @jazzychad – Just submitted grid to
    (no follow > no DM => so sad) #
  • ReTw @RonKJeffries: Rob Safyto- Useful/doomed web services. 25% chance Twitter fails in 2 yrs. Friendfeed in trouble? < #
  • @angelzilla A little while ago coupla cop cars rocked down 96th street south of Whyte, lights / no sirens. Saturday night! #
  • Meh – TwitterSearch sucks. Someone yesterday posted page about “wicked problems” … not found … *fail* #
  • Twitter search apps failed; google with “” succeeded … telling, no? #
  • @cw – Chris re: “wicked problems” check out Conklin’s group at Yahoo: < (no follow = no DM => so sad) #
  • So many talking about “collaborative deliberation” (I call it “participatory”) and so few (zero) seem willing to actualize / implement. #
  • #dharma – If we reduce the amount of mundane soap-opera drama we get the opportunity to catch on to our habitual patterns i.e. karma. #
  • “Knowledge in Real Time > <“map of science based on clickstream data.” from #
  • “Science Commons designs strategies and tools for web-enabled scientific research.” > < (I love spidering!) #
  • #dharma (converse) The more we cluttered our mundane with soap-opera drama, less likely we’ll become familiar with our habitual patterns. #
  • #NHL – Amazing how good the good players are … Toewes out-worked and out-gunned the defense. #
  • Closed shop aka “not invented here” … personality politics preserve the right to be incompetent/mediocre. Disheartening, is whot. #
  • ReTw @Scobleizer: Watch the Google anthill move toward social and real time ( … links to FriendFeed really suck) #
  • “Helmet fire” VS boredom … WP’s custom taxonomy to the rescue? #

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