BenTrem tweeted on 2009-05-18

  • On a painfully pretentious (read: yuppie) spirituality site just got friend request c/w painfully pretentious text about authenticity. heh #
  • ReTw @elijahmanor: “Best Gimp Web Design Tutorials” #tech #gimp (Likewise with PSP/ExpressWeb) #
  • @jacklail Years ago (many!) BBC published a huge (1Meg+) PDF on their redesign … a little institutional, but paradigmatic. #
  • Gotta luv the way #Twhirl allows viewing Tweetstream history … so much goodness to ReTweet! #
  • ReTw @kennedycom: Interesting post on how Intel is leveraging their company culture: > < #
  • “Wolfram/Alpha launches: Can it break out of niche-ville?” > < (ZDNet blogs) #
  • Read on the web much? After “Caution: Wide Load” > < I installed “Readability” b’marklet > < #
  • #TBuzz from Arc90 – “a really cool way to chat about the page you’re staring at – through Twitter.” > < (Awesome!) #
  • “five blood infections, two bone infections, gangrene, and a 105 fever” > < Rahm on life lessons (cut finger!) #
  • “International Buddhist Film Festival (IBFF) presents, archives and preserves Buddhist-themed and -inspired cinema” > < #
  • “Lion’s Roar – masterful portrait of great Tibetan Buddhist master HH 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, the Black Hat Lama.” > < #
  • Who would believe this: I used CTRL to select 3 files to cut/paste. They moved. And all other files in the dir disappeared. Gone. #Vista #
  • @JeffSays This is truly incredible. Some show up as shortcuts in Recent. But *blink* gone. Not in Recycle. Incredible. I’m gob-smacked. #
  • @JeffSays I don’t need more drama. I just want my files back. (1 was MP3 of RATM live in LA … dang.) #
  • In context of sanity hewing wood / drawing water can be deeply satisfying. In context of yuppie sophistry, good stuff becomes mind-f*** BS. #
  • @LuminousHeart Maybe “overwhelmed” is just the drama.queen version of basic bewilderment. Actuality + self.serving cant = bla-yada-blah. #
  • Brain-damaged statement of the day/week: “claim Antartica ice melting. But it’s not. ” Nope. Nor is the Arctic. It’s evuhl fiction. *D’uhh!* #
  • ReTw @whitehouse_rss: (blog) In Praise of Fair-Minded Words in commencement address at Notre Dame University > < #
  • @jjprojects In ’84 when I turned down position w/Green Peace I pointed to oceans. Monitor reefs / shell-fish. #

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