BenTrem tweeted on 2009-05-08

  • 90% through #Vista recovery, I’m wondering: how to convince people that integrity matters? Evidence I deserve to be marginalized huh hu #
  • How many people lost files to #Vista failures this week? But it impacts M$ not at all; the ultimate yuppie impunity. Zen?! F*** you. #
  • Yuppie impunity: M$ could create a recovery function that would secure a) My Documents, b) AppData, and c) Music. But it’s about appeara … #
  • @ryanjenkins RATM: please, do see also “People of the Sun” and “Guerilla Radio”. Far from inchoate! #
  • @ryanjenkins Your next assignment, if you choose to accept: Chemical Brothers i.e. “Block Rockin’ Beat” and “Magnetize”. ;-) cheers #
  • What is it about M$ coders? Assholes, I know. Sociopaths? xcopy saved my goose. But why did it create hidden Dirs? And symlinks in #Vista?! #
  • ReTw @spin: Did you know Flight of the Conchords are on Twitter? > < #
  • Finished salvage after Factory Restore; delete the stuff saved w/XCOPY. Deleted 39,411 items, 8.7Gig. Explorer freezes. #Vista = trash. #
  • Part of a penis enlargment spam comment on WP: “I am glad to post my views in this blog, but I must say that webmaster has done a great job” #
  • 22 hours after full Factory Restore #Vista crashes out / re-starts when FF encounters a Java applet. M$ = corrupt trash. #
  • On AM radio right now: Joanna Macy (#DeepEcology) > < #
  • @monkchips Would you re-tweet that c/w a link? (No Follow => No DM … so sad.) #
  • On AM radio right now: Joanna Macy (#DeepEcology) > < #
  • Sure sure, you hate my guts cuz I focus. But you IT types are frauds; now I can’t even WinSCP a freakin’ JPG w/arcane error msgs. Fakes. #
  • works. Needed DOX XCOPY to survive #Vista, needed a second domain to manage uploade. Fakes … frauds. #
  • works. I needed DOS Xcopy to survive #Vista. Now I needed a second domain to do a simple upload. Frauds. #
  • #Vista – I needed to restore some settings. AppData was hidden … again. Dug up a shortcut I’d salvaged. Clicked it. AppData appeared. … #
  • IT and tech generally make me think of western physicians: the more we can keep people sick but alive, the faster we can get rich. #
  • Wow, even OpenOffice is brain-damaged. “Before installing the update the old version must be removed.” So freakin’ removed it!! Stupid … #
  • OMG … deleted older version of OpenOffice but installer still refuses to work. You guys really should be ashamed … negligent and lazy. #
  • How clever (not!); now I get to enter all my basic information for OpenOffice … because I was gullible enough to DL the upgrade. Cretins! #

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