BenTrem tweeted on 2009-04-16

  • “”Our e-mail is flooded with CVs, But of course some people don’t have the courage” IBM? M$ Nope, Hizb’allah. Prolly true of Al Qu’aeda too. #
  • #NHL – I’ll picked Pengs and RedWings. *Flyers? peeeewwww!* #
  • #NHL – I’ll picked Pengs and Rangers. *Flyers? peeeewwww!* #
  • How pathetic is Vista, installment #42 – Vista cannot manage “AutoHide” on TaskBar. Now and again, it refuses to hide. Toggle setting? nope. #
  • #NHL St. Louis / Vancouver – I’m gonna have to recuse myself; would like a Canadian cup, but have never cheered Cannucks. ANd Blues are cool #
  • Dear LilnkedIn – If my login was actually required, what were you doing showing me the contents of my Inbox? (Gawd this site makes me gag.) #
  • @alainsaffel You’re in Redmonton? Did I know that? Anyhow: sometime check out Billy Buds; 99St 62Ave … great sports bar. Big. #
  • LinkedIn is using FB-style “apps” i.e. “Huddle Workspaces” > http:// < #
  • #SalesForce – I know what it does (Oh my, I sooo miss programming Borland “Paradox” with PAL!) but is it also document management system? #
  • @DonRiep I grew up fantasizing about Bede 5 > < #
  • OMG #HuddleWorkspaces uses Web1.0 GUI … anybody wanna pull together a Web2.0 alternative? (Shock the hell outta LinkedIn!) #
  • Federer downed by Stanislas Wawrinka, ATP rank #16. #tennis #
  • OMG can’t do cable connect to Win98SE box from Vista box. “Newer” != better. #
  • Gold for Russia … first time in 15yrs. Canada let a lead slip away. #
  • @bikerbar heh … I’ve done 10+hrs/day for weeks on end, so the thought of “meditation + espresso” got my eyes rolled back into my head. ;) #
  • Q to my American friends: how often are handguns used for self-defense. I mean actually. I’d bet … guessing … 1/10th as often as crimes. #
  • ReTw @tpmmedia: TPMtv: The Day in 100 Seconds: Full-size video at TPMtv > < (Toooo funny!) #

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