BenTrem tweeted on 2009-04-08

  • Seagate “FreeDesk” 500Gig external … CDN$99 … who can say no?! #
  • ReTw @JeffSays: New Eminem [Tooooo funny! The kid has a great career / history ahead of him.] #
  • testing #
  • re-Follow from @twittervision reminded me of how sweet their service is > < #
  • Schweet … NetVibes’ Twitter widget is rockin’. #
  • Breaking news: a very, very few US states conclude that it’s not okay to be Taliban, even when it comes to gay rights. #
  • Powerless in the face of evil? After decades (plural!) of high incomes my cohort, those who once were my fellows, are numbed by guilt/ex … #
  • @ModCon Pathological passive aggressive … just like your blog; pretend to honesty but bottom line you’re just nasty. #
  • In case you doubt Right Wing pathology, here’s what “caused” @ModCon to block me: “I don’t understand your question … it is what it is.” #

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