BenTrem tweeted on 2009-04-02

  • There’s a certain elegance to the “new conservatives”; simplistic arguments nicely polished. Not a lot of yuppie sophistry. Homey BS. #
  • Dear “Modern Conservative” – If you weren’t so busy bashing liberals (like Taliban w/infidels, or Shia w/Sunni) you wouldn’t kiss corp.butt. #
  • #Twhirl – News: “the launch of our entirely new Seesmic Desktop, which is replacing Twhirl.” … but I don’t /want/ my Twhirl replaced. #
  • What’s old is new again? “Rich online apps can learn from the old IBM 3270 terminal” > < ( #
  • #UX – Intels real-time chat client: < #
  • #tennis Roddick / Federer … gotta luv it. #
  • “The evolution of communication bandwidth technologies hasn’t kept pace with Moore’s Law” … gotta luv SGI white-papers. #
  • “IDC estimates the size of our digital universe exceeds 281 exabytes; anticipates increase tenfold before 2011.” –SGI whitepaper #
  • #BlueSky – A two-bit decision: buy a new printer (Y/N). A 128-bit decision: how to implement enterprise-wide content management? #
  • #tennis – Amazing … Roddick is starting to push Federer around. #
  • #BlueSky – Conventional approaches to filtering are like smushing stuff against a screen. Mine? Pass it through a long osmotic tube. #gnodal #
  • heh … plunging into DSN/CWID I’m reminded of 4AM security at a rave. “If you but keep your head while others are losing theirs …” #
  • Trust LinkedIn to require pwd/login /after/ message creation. If /they/ succeed then WTF are you folk supporting?! #
  • Friction: Gates should be charged with crimes against the people for having profited from Windows. Vista is garbage. Yet.again it fails. #
  • Firefox, Thunderbird, and Twhirl … Vista collapses. US tech? What a load of crap … Taliban at least ships rockin’ drugs. #
  • #Jihad – Pondering Cromwell (whom I like not at all) and Charles I I find myself nearly envying those who operate under false flags. #
  • What yuppies don’t ponder: my bro’s in harm’s way to support the gov’t of Afghanistan, while their gov’ts have meddled against democracy. #
  • Ponder this: GOP’s guts can be seen in Taliban’s machinations. Afgh’s new law makes a criminal of any woman who refuses sex to her husband. #
  • How bad is Vista? Go into GoogleEarth, climb into the jet and /dare yuh/ to fly with arrow keys. DualCore Dell. BS … trash … crap … #
  • Because you grok neither bikers (Hell’s Angels) nor oligarchs (Madoff/Soros) you can’t grok the dialectic of Cromwell / Charles I. #
  • Wow … how dare I … I used google so FireFox crashes. 3rd time today. US crap … tech_tax … bullshit. I’d rather sterile than corrupt. #

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