BenTrem tweeted on 2009-03-29

  • @br524 Hey there – Thanks! A little too cute and a lot too “pop” for my purposes, but one more general example. cheers #
  • #Twitter – 75mtrs ham radio … a very similar dynamic. Folk sit on a frequency (3.750MHz for e.g.) and chip in … they tweet! #
  • ReTw @DavidStephenson: checked @twistori yet? “Currently serving emotions at a rate of 50 million per day.” WOOT! #
  • #Fargo – So near/so far … dikes holding, water level steady; forecast for Monday: 7inches snow + high winds. *sigh* #
  • #humour (yes, with a “u”) – Enjoy Monty Python? Think Canadians are wheat cracker / vanilla? … check out “Magazine” #
  • Note to self – There is noRPTno up-side to knocking a big box of cat food into a much bigger box full of hardware bits and pieces. None. #

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