BenTrem tweeted on 2009-03-27

  • #Gaza – In case you’ve been watching: UNHCR Special Rapporteur’s Statement on Gaza to the Human Rights Council > < #
  • #fascism – Data: direct corelation of death and number of tazer firings; mfacturer: no corelation of number of firings and ill effects. #
  • The airborne regiment I trained with was disbanded when neo-nazis became popular. Why do cops indulge their fellows who are pigs? #
  • In a moment of boredom I cast my mind back and come up with … ! #
  • I tweeted about how B&A came to mind; I was rewarded! “Wanted/Needed: UX Design for Collaboration 2.0” > < #WebDAV #
  • Dear CNN – If you think $1K contributions to congressmen is significant then you’re obviously trolling for headlines. #

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