BenTrem tweeted on 2009-03-18

  • #zen Suppose this: how would you feel if you stole the company’s Petty Cash? Ok … so what are consequences of folk doing bad work? #
  • @ryanimel SNAFU? I tweeted about your “Who’s Who in WP” and then commented there … but I cannot access comments! *blink* FF2 / Vista. #
  • “Who’s Who in WordPress; 50+ people you should be following” > < #
  • #tennis – I love Federe, and adore Nadal, but I stuck around to watch the match on TV cuz of Gonzales’ stuff … dramatic turn around. #
  • @Pistachio “Get excited and Make Things” Schweeet goodness! :-) #
  • “We need to position ourselves so we can catch a few drops when the thaw starts to happen.” (InfoWorld) > < #

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