BenTrem tweeted on 2009-03-15

  • #music My peregrinations from news of a Buddhist translators’ conf. in India. (My lama is Chair!) to this: < #
  • Part of what Nixon/Kissinger _et al_ trashed when they murdered Allende’s gov’t: cybernetic praxis for policy > < #
  • When I say “Cisco”, bet you don’t think “digital crib” … but there it is! #
  • “Voice for the voiceless in society”, are you. Really? Then what’s with private beta and “enjoy the hand-rolled BCC cigars”? #borg #matrix #
  • #zen You know you’re on some sorta hot streak when slightly sub-optimal choices/decisions make the whole situation shimmer. *Damn!* ;) #
  • Work with data? Wanna tweet some charts or graphs? … narrow niche, but pretty neat! #
  • @lessig made a significant point about “ingratiate” as a social tactic. When it’s rewarded (Psychopaths are highly attuned to it) I lose. #
  • @angryamoeba If you’re so inclined, chicken soup with home-made buckwheat noodles (aka “soba”) … can’t be beat! :-) #
  • ReTw @brooksbayne: “death by boredom – the slow demise of facebook” > < [surprisingly comprehensive article!] #
  • “Twittering” as new? Working for Telco early 70s we had teletype “order wires”; 1 national, 3 regional, and 2 local. Guess what we did huh. #
  • New from @loic: “Seesmic for Facebook launch!” > (YouTube) #sxsw #

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