BenTrem tweeted on 2009-03-10

  • GD Vista … FF2 locked up solid; killed it, re-booted, now YouTube has no video. Other sources? Just fine … but not YouTube. F’n M$. #
  • @rockingjude Anybody who isn’t fully self-directed is a pawn to the oligarchs … not likely Has never been otherwise! #
  • @jacobsantos How about “Rape is never ever funny, under any circumstances.” Occam’s Razor? or Keep It Simple, Dumb F’. #
  • #WTF Ok … earlier this evening I upgraded Java on Vista. Could that be stopping YouTube? No joy on FF2, FF3, Chrome, IE, or Safari. Nuts. #
  • p.s. seesmic works, but not YouTube. That’s insane! #
  • GOP-types are scuh crackers. Obama’s policies are socialist? Who the f’ nationalised Fanny/Freddie & bailed out BStearns? WTF … #
  • GOP-types are such crackers. Obama’s policies are causing market chaos? Who let Lehman Brothers go bankrupt? WTF … (R) = ass.hat. #
  • #Vista – OK, seriously … WTF … every source of video and audio works, except for YouTube. What the blazes is going on here?! #
  • #Vista – Well, updated my Flash Player, which is kinda nice. And found the problem: volume on YT player was all the way down. *D’uhhh!* #
  • Process per Tab; “sacrifice memory for performance”. *blink* Well yes, that’s what memory is for. Who’d sacrifice performance for memory?! #
  • @jacobsantos “I think prison rape is funny as hell” I’ve thought you were an idiot. Thanks for confirming that. Idiot. #
  • “The rapid proliferation of SharePoint has led many companies to lose control of the very content they had hoped to better manage.” M$ again #

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