BenTrem tweeted on 2009-02-27

  • @michaelSurtees That tweet about “reference point” … every looked into “cognitive capture”? Just a thot. #
  • Pondering “sloth” I wondered about how it hooked into passive aggression. E.g. “nice” people ignore/moot this > < #
  • Obama presenting Stevie Wonder the Gershwin Prize. Put a mark on the wall! #
  • After Obama/Wonder I ponder, again: why would I submit to the constraints of your in-group dynamics? More: /why do /you//?! #
  • Obama/Wonder – I ponder: why would I submit to the constraints of your in-group dynamics? More: /why do /you//?! (Twinkle if you know how.) #
  • Dear M$ – If 3Gig RAM won’t support even a 10hr session then, really, you (Listening, Gates?) are fakes. Frauds. Charlatans. Villains. #
  • Cops ignored SOS in snow; wife of camper died. Rescue worker about false SOSs: “Not in my experience. Or my co-workers.” Yuppies … f’d. #
  • @Intentdotcom ” an innumerable amount of experiences” – Literacy … try it sometime. Number of experiences, yes. Not by the pound. *D’u … #
  • @kungfootv Avalance conditions world-wide are off the charts. Not always “worse” … just “off the charts”. Which, for EMS, is worse. #
  • @newmediajim At’a way, big fella. Always see w/Ansel Adams eyes. (OK fine, I’m B&W chemical SLR. Sue me. Or buy me gear. heh *grin*) #
  • ReTw @newmediajim: Brian Williams blogs about the story on the NBC Nightly News blog #
  • Fatuous #42: “I am now following 258 friends added in 3 days not that bad ” … ‘member what I was saying about in-group constraints? Hmmm? #
  • @podcasting_news _Vous parley Reaktor_?! viz: < #
  • @revenuerobot Yaaa … I’ve been yrs-long committed to legacy games. Even BF1942 is _passee_. Wassuh new one, World in War? #
  • Ev’thing I know I lrned doing security at folk-fests. 1) most folk are sheep. *sigh* 2) some folk are drop.dead awesome, and 3) sheep baaaa. #
  • @JessieX Do you tell your “customers” that blogs should require registration for comments? Missed Blog-101? *f’n d’hhh!* #
  • W/respect (Some … not a lot, but some) what do you call someone who sells marketing services to a generation of sellouts? A: my cohort. #
  • “What’s good about life? That there’s goat shit.” When you lose your footing, your ground, you listen to fools and support bullies. #borg #
  • “We heal the sick. They kill the living.” Alt? “Do justice. And love mercy.” Frenz, yuppies’ kidz or not, you’re as though brain-damaged. #
  • So at the end of the night, after the band had gone, a yuppies’ kid concludes I should be beat up. I called him Taliban. He proved my point. #
  • *tsk-ktsk* I created a test project using Google Docs Spreadsheet. Froze FF … now, after killing/re-starting, doesn’t load. *FAIL* #
  • After a longish day y’day, late evening at Blues on Whyte … Jack de Keyzer w/jazz aces backing. Danced til 4AM; up at 8:30 w/o alarm. 8-) #
  • #e-book – Check my thinking: might #Kindle support micro-payments? Lord knows it just about time … #
  • Imagine this: having had _kensho_ I can bring it to mind vividly anytime. Is part of its nature. But why would I? Bliss-ninnies are ninnies. #
  • @rhh Did you see Podesta on Charlie Rose? Ah-lah, lucid sanity and good-will are such a tonic! #progressives #
  • @corbett3000 Buzzable is one o’those services I just don’t grok. Maybe old … maybe wet-brained … leaves me feeling stuhpud. #

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