BenTrem tweeted on 2009-02-25

  • I’ve only been reality-testing this for ?what? 35 yrs, so I may be jumping the gun: are “nice” people capable of authentic honesty? No. Not. #
  • Gotta luv Twitter. What do we call this address? Cuz it’s not State of the Union. Oh, wait … that works. #nsotu #
  • @dahowlett Is what passes for authentic engagement and conscientious participation. “State of the body politic”; theatre of the absurd. #
  • #nsotu featured above the fold / right side-bar on #
  • “Banks” are not the villains. Who created those wicked derivatives?! The same folk who speculate on currencies … paper-shufflers. #borg #
  • ReTw @newmediajim: cant hear the address. only hear director cues in my ear :( [Truly, theatre of the absurd!] #
  • /me underwhelmed. (FWIW I never thought of him as a great orator. Effective speaker, for sure. But not oratory.) #
  • Bets on what GOP will respond? Something like the (R) states: this is fundamentally wrong, but we’ll take the money. Gov’t has no role, #
  • @CathyBrooks I’ve always wondered about her … something about the smile … like her dentures are 1 size too big. #
  • Pelosi looks hopped up … right silly grin. #
  • ReTw @joeduck: Obama Presidential Address February 24, 2009: > < [No source cited, but seems correct.) #nsotu #
  • The applause reminds me of everything that makes me gag about yuppie culture … so obvious, so contrived, so lacking freshness. #
  • Haaa! Nothing like pointing out the Secret Service Agent as a public service! Not Jim Lehrer’s finest moment. *D’uhh!* #
  • ReTw @NewsHour – “state of the union-lite” is over; join as Jim, Mark and David give their analysis.> < #nSOTU #
  • @Chris_Moody FYI: folk cannot reply to DM (from @catoinstitute) who you do not reFollow. cheers #
  • I called it an hour ago: “Bets on what GOP will reply? ‘This is fundamentally wrong; Gov’t has no role.'” > < #nSOTU #
  • Complexity theory? Fractals? Dynamic stability? Dunno. But I know this: karma is inexorable; what’s done w/lack of integrity is _entropic_. #
  • GOP-types appoint folk like “Brownie” to agencies like FEMA then belly-ache, “Can’t trust gov’t to get things done!” Villains. #
  • This should frighten you: GOP Taliban are braying “Leave it to the market!”. They train underlings and give orders. And raise children … #
  • GOP needs new messages and new messengers”. Ohhhh c’mon! GOP is nuthin’ but anti-liberal and anti-gov’t … bankrupt. #

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