BenTrem tweeted on 2009-02-18

  • #geek From @jeresig aka John Resig of jQuery fame: “DOM is a Mess” > < (SlideShare) #
  • Ponder this: if I were an oligarch and I saw progressives positioned to advance I’d push the market into a spin, ready to land on my feet. #
  • Lemme get this straight: if/when they want to kick ass (i.e. Iraq) GOP abandons principle. And if/when they want to bail out their pals … #
  • #oligarchs #borg #matrix – Turns out I’m not an army of 1 after all! “They Did It On Purpose” > < ( #
  • Obama/Roosevelt – Folk are starting to notice that *D’uhhh!* we can’t count on WorldWar to solve the problem Perpetual war footing sux. #

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