BenTrem tweeted on 2009-02-14

  • @kungfootv Taoist? Zen? #
  • Re-visited the best “discussion” sites I know. Nobody discusses … it’s either sales-pitch rhetoric or self-serving sophistry. #borg #
  • @djazzycool1 “Do justice and love mercy. That is the whole of the law.” :-) #
  • @brooksbayne If yuh wanna go hammer&tongs on terminoly / nomenclature, “Sate Capitalism” fits. c/w perpetual war footing. Like Stalinism. #
  • @timoreilly Yaa, great … yuppies snubbed early efforts; now that early adopters are broke they’ll move in / take over. Darwinism? #
  • Canadian mogols skying team swept the podium: gold, silver, bronze. #
  • @unorder If you dare (“For Madmen Only!”) peek … welcome to my world. ;-) #
  • 1st online texting: ’68 (ham radio/RTTY). Then military, then telco, then mainframe (’78) … I don’t think I’ve ever used “frownie”. Ever. #

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