BenTrem tweeted on 2009-02-08

  • When will US politicians grow up and quit talking about “America”. They represent The United States. #hubris #hegemony #bidon #
  • ReTw @alinwagnerlahmy: RT @IsCool – Best post about Twitter in months > < by @shelisrael #
  • Sautee a pile of onion. Toss a pile of cauliflower into boiling water. Fine-slice any old piece of meat. Toss meat and onions in w/cauli. #
  • How tedious … there’s even etymological basis to my call for “subjective narrative”. > < nothing happening here … #
  • Putin is a sufficient paradigm for other oligarchs, EU, US, Asian: let the proletariat starve in the cold and dark. #yuppies #borg #
  • 60 bottles of Fail Whale Pale Ale put to rest … 5doz/$18 #
  • “I support the left | But I’m leanin’to the right” “Politician”; Cream – “Wheels of Fire” (1968) #WillfullIgnorance #oligarchs #matrix #borg #
  • In ’76 I was 22, working in bdcasting after SigInt/NORAD. (My stereo cost $2K in those dollars.) I’m re-discovering that discography. #
  • @marywallace W00t thanks. Shall we build a rogues’ gallery? (Almost missed this; gotta luv DM.) cheers #
  • Rick Wakeman on synth … “Roundabout” from “Yes Songs”. Best evah? (Check into his “6 Wives of Henry VIIth”, do.) 1973 built my first. heh #
  • I wonder: can we coerce Muslims w/their history while ignoring our own? > < “Tragic Illusion of Islamic State”. #borg #

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