BenTrem tweeted on 2009-01-31

  • FaceBook tells me that Deepak Chopra took my suggestion and friended Greg Palast. *Who me? Oh, hey, I’m nobody.* heh #AntiBorg #
  • “Truth Duty Valour” … documentary of Canadian Naval assets operating off Iran. They just interdicted 1500lbs of hash. Gaaaal dang! #
  • “Truth Duty Valour”; doc’tary of CDN Naval assets off Iran. They just interdicted <s>1.5K lbs</s> 3.4tonnes of hash. Gaaaal dang! #
  • @ifindkarma Bear in mind that Suzuki was an academic, not a samurai. Contra his abstraction: every moment is choiceless. Or not. heh #
  • #EckhartTolle … surfing on ESTwaves. (Don’t ask, it’s all too lame … memories of Iran/Contra) #
  • How fucked are yuppies’ kidz? “I had this thought … and the next day I woke up released from all of that”. That’s Opra’s guru. Fucked. #
  • @KeithBurtis 3 paragraphs. 3. Paragraphs. Less than grade 9 essay. Have you no shame? #
  • #ClusterFuck – Honestly, would you trust a Republican to be other than homophobic tax-cut misogynist? Too many years as crackers. #
  • “Cry Freedom” – You see, I know naught confusion. I am lonely because you are trite, and superficial, and self-absorbed. #borg #matrix #
  • Google gets over-zealous in flagging malicious sites: “Unfortunately (and here’s the human error), the URL of ‘/’ was mistakenly checked” #

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