BenTrem tweeted on 2009-01-15

  • “‘Dilbert’ on how to save your career” > < (CNN yet.again!) #
  • #1 cause of existential stupidity: ignorance concerning the 50s. NA was 1 mouse fart from fascism … fascile giggles don’t compensate. #
  • Diff between yuppies and CEO WalMart, to name 1: he recognizes/acknowledges that retail is the easy part. Yuppies are ab-reactive whores. #
  • World class smarts: Hillary Clinton has set her ego aside to serve her community. see above re: neo-realists’ reliance on fiction. *FUCK!* #
  • Moving from avionics R&D, where there was MGT (see Dilbert) and those who /do/, to academe I remarked that smart people are nutz. #borg #
  • Yaa. What Lewis Black sed. #
  • Literate commentary? ” I f’n X this Y [full stop].” Lamentable. #

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