BenTrem tweeted on 2008-12-23

  • I can see why folk get into WoW. (It bored me after 10 days.) WoW is all fight and no war. I’m sittin’here thinkin’ Adams VC Jefferson. #
  • @You2Gov @QueenofSpain Thing is, folk get addicted to convenient truth. “Percect answer becomes donkeys’ hitching post” Zen 101 #complacent #
  • @robinsgr Redemption Songs, mahn … rumour I heard is that he played that on $18 pawn-shop guitar. #
  • What can be more boring: an interview with Bill Gates. I’d more likely learn from 10 quiet minutes with my fine old (17yrs) cat. Easily. #
  • Gates wanted to make PCs ubiquitous, and succeeded. I wanted to make discourse and justice ubiquituous, and have failed. I say he’s yuppie. #
  • Digg: Jimmy Wales on Creative Commons > < #

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