BenTrem tweeted on 2008-12-12

  • Oooh, schweet, a 3-level list display c/w rounded corners. #
  • Yes, perhaps /most/ problem solvers use the web. But still: the vast majority of user hours are spent doing what? A: killing time. So … #
  • @duncanriley Fundamental? You figure? Lotsa changes (Customized <head>!), but I didn’t think it 2.7 was a foundational stuff. #
  • ReTw @alexkingorg: Shocked, *SHOCKED* that this code seems to have worked the very first time. [Yaaa, me too. Something in the air mebbe.] #
  • @duncanriley Thanks for the pointer! I’m up to my elbows trying to shift some new 2.7 stuff into WPMU2.6.5 so didn’t snoop. cheers #
  • ReTw @duncanriley: @bentrem […] Mullenweg is [talking “new framework” in 2.7] < ( #
  • *whammm* Hit 9 variables in mind at once … instant hang-over. Time for 7th inning stretch. (Gawd, what a headache!) #
  • @dweinberger I’ve been coming across “and nobody points out that market has crashed due to fear of Obama” crap latelly. #
  • How totally lame: a site that rates blogs cites “Los Angeles” as key search term … cuz a big oil story was run by Los Angeles Times! *Duh* #
  • Car makers’ bailout FAIL?! Oooh … that’s gonna leave a mark. #
  • huh huh … ass-wipes in a tech discussion forum dissing Obama because he appointed someone of Indian descent. “Indians only support India” #
  • #GrandeTheory – I have /always/ said oligarchs would sabotage progressives by capital strike. We’re seeing it. And GOP shoots Big 3. Ass … #
  • Sign of the time? Lead question at is de-criminalization of pot > < … almost like folk insist on rationality! #
  • Watch Charlie Rose but didn’t see yesterday’s with Tom Friedman? < “Hot, Flat, and Crowded” pret’near sums things up! #
  • @jeffr0 Greets … your “200 Themes” post was cited in WP-Hackers. Nice blog! > < #wp #
  • @technosailor Oooh, shiny! I’m gonna re-purpose your TwitterPitch plugin. thanks! #
  • @technosailor re: TwitPtich > < If it’s busted in 2.7 I’ll re-jig on previous first. Me no likee tail chase. #
  • @technosailor Mmm … don’t have Subversion running on this new sled. Manana; I’ll follow up on it. (Might be slight aesthetic refactoring.) #
  • #WP “10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 2.7” > < Pretty much MustRead … mucho shiny. #
  • @thattalldude Oh-wooops thanks for heads-up #
  • #WP “10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 2.7” > < Pretty much MustRead … mucho shiny. #
  • @technosailor NB: “Plugin Homepage” link on WP ( points to instead of < #
  • Someone got a .45 handy? I’m gonna shoot WP “AutoSave” right behind the ear. Dumb-ass function if I’ve ever seen one. #
  • #Goodness #WP jQuery auto-complete search for function implementation / deprecation > < by Ozh, from WP-Hackers. Gorgeous. #
  • New post: “8+ Things You’d Like To Know Just Now” > < #WP #BufferDump #plugins #
  • Eeeeeeeewwwwwwww clicking Preview blew away my update. … don’ like that sorta thang a bit. #

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