BenTrem tweeted on 2008-12-05

  • heh … found a site whose design seemed to me nice and clean and crisp … ayup, and it uses tables. *scheesh!* #
  • “I voted for Harper. I want Harper as PM.” So parliamentary principles be damned. Ya, Harper is deff pro-rogue. #
  • Gotta luv the cartoonists! > < CounterThink “The Plan for Global Food Supply” #
  • ReTw @Ross: Blogged about launch of Daily Endeavor [I’m re-visiting Tribe.Net at the moment; will blog there] #
  • Q: is IP in code? or in design? If I design around today’s capabilities, then there are any number of ways to implement the design, right? #
  • Heh … Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen. So sad the fine folk I’ve followed in IT all these years have been pussy-whipped. #
  • Nice documentary on CNN. Yuppies ignore, then crow for credit when they step in. Serbia / Rwanda then, Sudan today. But GOP gets Iraq. $$$ #
  • @plastricbagUK Careful whose ox you gore; some A-list types here in Twitterville use Block. Unless you’re already SF A-list? ;-P #
  • @tillamooky I’ve noticed that with aperture … almost as though their servers get over-whelmed now and again. #
  • Wow, this CNN retrospective rocks’! (Which is to say, speaking the basics.) Now Rwanda / Ethiopia / Somalia. CDN UN peace-keepers ignored. #
  • Aww geez, Vista didn’t even run 20 minutes before I’ve got applications hanging. #
  • Woa … GoogleFriendConnect is working. But last thing yesterday it was prematurely terminated! What got fixed?! >
  • 3 Canadian soldiers dead by IED in Afghanistan … 3 more. #
  • @ZappoMan Hey Brad – Ironman hunh … at my fittest moment I was into archery and target shooting. ;-) stay well #
  • @lessig Just now spidering Dodd and bailouts; “Dems in awkward position over Citigroup bailout plan” > < (T … #
  • @lessig BBC 3DEC: “Bail-out plan ‘lacks oversight” > < Barney Frank w/Charlie > & … #
  • @lessig Just now spidering Dodd and bailouts; “Dems in awkward position over bailout plan” > < *fixed link* #
  • Hmmm … FAIL … wonder what that’s about. #
  • @DavidLinthicum Was thinking how “cloud” would be way to go for a new SETI-style “distributed computing” project: “Tag the Web”. #
  • “a new enterprise system category – Electronic Contract Execution (ECE)” > < (FaceBook Group) #
  • @DavidLinthicum A lot of material on your site (Vy nice; TU) … which “cloud” item were you meaning? #
  • ContextSwitching: 4 things on the go, 7 temp variables in mind for each … swapping 28. Can we manage 42? #
  • IEE Call for papers: “Rule Representation, Interchange and Reasoning in Distributed, Heterogeneous Environments” > < #
  • M$ programmers are jerks. Firefox explodes if you put a non-existent domain in location. Childish crap. #
  • <rant>This morning google FriendConnect displayed correctly. Now it fails. Nothing changed. But no replies on “group” cuz 80/20 = … #

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