BenTrem tweeted on 2008-12-01

  • Woaaaa, Jason Bourne rocks TOTALLY! #
  • @democracy If you reach them, tell them the footer is broken in Firefox. I’ve been trying for weeks. #
  • @anwith1n Nice post … glad you re-tweeted the link. *adds An Item to MustRead* ;-) #
  • New posts on a google map > < sweet. Nice trick … push? Count-down timer refresh? Long poll? #
  • @marshallk What’s next? Ummm … how about evidence that someone is /reading/? “FYI: Change.Gov footer breaks in Firefox.” (sent 10 times) #
  • Why do meaningful notes/comments written while coding seem like stonner non-sense the next week. *blink* #
  • #schadenfreude Prime Minister Harper has swallowed his foot up to the knee and is now choking on it. Gotta luv the moment! #
  • @markjaquith westi just pointed me to new conditional header functions. Ace shiet! #
  • I broke my WPMooo and I can’t fix it. Humbled, I am … impunity dashed … head hanging … notes scattered … confidence shaken … #
  • #wishlist An IDE for WP that will let me walk through the loop. Can do with Eclipse? #
  • You know you’re in trouble when you “fix” something but don’t know how/why the fix worked. *shudder* Anybody got a spare rubber chicken? #
  • @rhh Maybe this is a fresh step forward in “transparency” … we’re more often, now, seeing when things /aren’t/. Progress? ;-) #
  • ReTw @acarvin: Woah – Goodbye, Pounce, hello, Six Apart: [wow, Six knows how to bitch-slap!] #
  • Often worthwhile to spider a good hacker’s blog for fun stuff. Jeremy Clarke’s brought me < #
  • Woa … high-powered simplicity from the kidz at Cornell: (Fun to just surf the web while my WPMU headache settles) #
  • 200,000 IO/sec … no shit: < 800MB/sec per card #
  • @cphadley Thanks … reminds me how happy I am to work w/text rather than graphics. :-) #
  • ReTw @Debategraph: Mapping the mind of the blogosphere: < [woo! fits well with !] #
  • *shiver* I wonder at the state of mind of those who practice cold-shoulder as SOP. *shudder* #
  • Our Federal Government _in extremis_ … like watching a slow-motion putsch. #
  • In treatment for my PTSD I talked about “damned with faint praise”; the therapist (yuppie chick) threw a fit. “Nice” people are sooo nasty! #
  • What I learned from academia: people of refinement (i.e. sophists) play zero sum game deniably; pretend to collab w/long knives drawn. #borg #
  • Don’t know why the fix worked … and can’t back out to see it break again … I /hate/ voodoo! #
  • Sooo even though this is working, I’m gonna tear it down and ReDo From Start. No house of cards for this aulde dawg. #
  • @mathewi NP … *caff caff* … but I must admit they’re being reasonable about this coalition thing. #
  • “Details of accord between Liberals, NDP and Bloc” > < (National Post *caff*) #

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