BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-29

  • #borg “It only matters if someone from the A-list says it”. Looking at Gore on Opra; only A-list types who benefit from that monopoly. #
  • Eureka! #Vista tamed … all I need do is reboot every 2hrs. Thank God the M$ twats didn’t produce an /absolute/ piece of crap. #
  • So let’s see, M$ is such a source of wealth, and they produce such shitty software. Q: how many times did NASA crash on the moon? A: 0 #
  • @mor10 Just keep in mind the railways station: no propagandistic gestures there; they gunned down whoever happened to be there. #RabidDogs #
  • It’s official: dual-core w/3Gig RAM #Vista can’t handle this 5Meg text file. I could do that w/300MHz 128MegRAM Win98SE. M$ twits cheat. #
  • Why M$ corruption matters: who’s going to enable Pres. Obama? Yuppies with yuppie credentials. Sloppy opportunists. Kiss-ass slackers. SOS #
  • Good thing #oligarchs are just fantasy, along with #matrix and #borg. And #GCC is a fiction. And we can ignore Al Queda. “Wake up, muggles!” #
  • If I wanted to under-cut democracy I’d encourage twits, reward sycophants, and cold-shoulder the rest. Hey, like A-list! #
  • I’m surprised … with so many seriously crappy pages on the web (I mean source layout / optimization) is mebbe the worst. Shocked. #
  • @huffpost is the only feed Tweet I’m really disappointed in … silly noise. *UnFollow* “Police Chief Shoots Self” *pfffffffffff!* #
  • I love the way people who’ve held well salaried positions for years/decades are real big on crowd-sourcing. *Not!!* #
  • Surprise: those who win under status quo rules go on to tweak those rules so they win more. Innovation? *pffft!* #MundaneFascism #borg #
  • @anfenoju Para “Antonio Blacksmith Walnut J├║nior” *grin* ciao! #
  • ReTw @anfenoju: Agora vai? Para o xilindr├│? [Civil society outraged by bank corruption > < ] #

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