BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-21

  • In case you think I’m a humorless old f*ck: … just I don’t /want/ to be A-list. I don’t /like/ A-list. #
  • #geek Oooh, MySQL WorkBench! > < #
  • Gawd … hours of grinding; no way to introduce custom head into a wordpress page. Meh! #
  • @marshallk I’ve been bashing at WP CSS/PHP since 10AM … I was wondering what that wetness on my jaw was. *zounds* stay well #
  • @manton “essentially feature complete” … wow. I’m 80% through proof of concept. *sigh* #
  • It comes down to this: in as much as “progressives” are self-serving hypocrits, the oligarchs will twist Obama’s balls. !rocket science. #
  • @elijahmanor Been doing that for the longest time! If you want a Scot experience, try with a cuppa good strong tea. #
  • #movie “Thirteen Conversations About One Thing” … there are some trulyl good people out and about in the world. Truly. #
  • @al3x I have been shifting my secondary account in a similar direction, to Tweeters on tech and politics … neat tactic / TU for link! #
  • @cgranier from @alexpayne > < and my reply > < Dandy to have Twitter as alt fo … #

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