BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-19

  • I don’t mind aggression; I did real well in airborne. But I’m allergic to bourgeois/yuppie cant/sophistry/denial. Most folk make me sick. #
  • I was self-protective, but years of doing sound left my hearing high end impaired. But it’s gotten better! At 54 I’m getting healthier!! #
  • #music Something nice. Just that: nice > < An PierlĂ© via YouTube friend. (Reminds me of Kate Bush, but not … #
  • from @briansolis blog “Twitter Tools for Community and Communications Professionals” > < 17OCT08 #
  • “There are 10 kinds of people in this world: those who understand binary and those who don’t.” (From a scene NCIS.) #GeekHumor #
  • #Obama hits homerun; Holden as AG. Now, WTF to do for SecState? I’m surely not alone being sick/tired of HRClinton. #
  • @alexking Just re-read your “WP as CMS Hacking Tips” (> <) Thanks so much for that; lovely method. #
  • @JackHuber “First make the list, then judge” is classic. “Jack’s NoteBook” is like a problem-solver’s diary! #
  • Boy the #Obama web effort is sooooo tightly controlled c/w surveys and mail lists. “Appearances to the contrary” it is /in effect/ top down. #

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