BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-04

  • Know what? You really don’t see, from the inside. For e.g.: each time you even /check/ for credit, you lose points on your credit rating. #
  • #CheckMyWork – With an OS code base, let’s say AlFresco, I could spend 5 yrs dev’ing a major module, and those profiting would profit more?! #
  • I find myself wishing/hoping I’ve been totally deluded about OpenSource and viable business plan. #
  • ReTw @baratunde: don’t forget to follow election coverage from @theonion [adding http:// makes links clickable] #
  • @berlinblase BoagWorld Web design “experts” with flawed site: long article in italic, no permalink to items, no comment function. “nice” #
  • Nicely written from “Reduce Your Business Costs With Free Stuff” > < #
  • DailyBeast calls Obama “The New Great Communicator” > < #
  • Dowloading OpenOffice 3.0 with 2.4 still installed … given time I might do an A/B comparison. #
  • Xen doesn’t actually do native virtualization? It doesn’t? Not? *blink* No? #
  • @berlinblase No Follow => No DM. so sad. ;-) #
  • Done international work? Help Tomas with his PhD research > (His profile > <) #survey #
  • #UserExperience The moment Eclipse3.3.2 launched I felt confident it wasn’t going to f*ck me around. Lovely. #
  • team: @stefanhartwig @michaellehmkuhl @amentele @tillamooky @dubsep @makaiser @makaiser #
  • No, functional decomposition is not related to bit rot. heh #
  • ReTw @timoreilly: Have you voted yet? If not, please do! [My line: even if you don’t care, it still matters.] #
  • @trishussey I’ve been using NS mail since it came out. Yes, literally. T’bird has always been my #1. Now use 2 accounts, 1 POP3, 1 IMAP. #
  • @ryankuder I got email from admin in another Ning … must disable “EMail all members”. #
  • @ourfounder Gotta luv @seanodmvp’s “Community Group Therapy” … lord knows most communities need therapy! [greets] #
  • We now return to normal avatar, with reasonable anticipation that Sanity has been returned to the Republic. #
  • Community? I’m tempted to cynicism; reated theme for #Twhirl 2 wks ago and rcved a total of 1 comment about it. > < #
  • @JayGilmore #Vista here *sigh*. But glad to hear it! Sounds like OO really has legs / energy / kismet / &tc &tc. And Eclipse?! *wh000t!* #
  • @TheCoyoteReport no Follow => no DM. So sad. ;-) #
  • @berlinblase Hi, yes, I just Tweeted an article from Vitamin; vy solid site. Do you also read ? A real favorite. #

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