BenTrem tweeted on 2008-10-27

  • Ah-lah … a nice day + 12 2litre bottles of Fail Whale Pale Ale put up. Gotta luv it. #
  • Man, going through app after app shutting down window after window … wrappin’ up / going dark! #
  • @chrisbrogan Back in “the bad old days” it came up in convo … methinks playin’around talking home-brew w/@dahowlett #
  • @chrisbrogan p.s. maybe because I should truly call it “white” ale (unfiltered/unpasteurized) … WhiteWhale WhiteAle don’t quite sing. #
  • @chrisbrogan Oh woa now. Would you turn down a PB sandwich? Granola? Pour yourself a jar! #
  • #Vista Is M$ intentionally making FireFox run poorly on their sad-ass excuse for an OS? This is truly pathetic. #
  • @chrisbrogan I honestly don’t know Belgian enough to say. Odd thing: I originally intended a fine bitter but heh got seduced by IPA. #
  • Eclipse “All In One” for PHP … 130Meg (TGforHighSpeed!) … loaded for bear. #
  • To one recent follower w/uninspiring profile URL: “Mmmm, no blog, no homepage, straight to $$$ … mmmm.” *poof* #
  • 1st) X-ray from scotch tape (days ago) and now 2) balls of water > < *blink* > (digg) #
  • Yet.another rating system? I notice that Salon has Tahoo!Buzz built into its article > < #
  • @geechee_girl I forget who you had on TalkShoe/Gender, but for you both: Women and Leadership > < #
  • Adobe pitch for 9Pro Extended. “Now it’s easy to track changes. So buy 9Pro!” Oh. Ok. Here’s $669. *Yaaaa right.* #
  • /me pondering why Adobe doesn’t produce an awesome/economical base product then charge arm/leg for specific functionality as plugins. #
  • Too funny: a vy technical review of Adobe 9 gets into BIM (Building Info Modelling) and collaboration, then gets the Figure number wrong … #
  • heehee sidebar to review of Acro9: “Acrobat 8 is here!” *pffffffffffffftt!* #
  • @folknology “M$ Reports Record First-Quarter; Revenue surpasses $15B” 23OCT08 > < They’re in pretty good shape! #
  • AOL Pictures will be closing down on 31 Dec08. “We have partnered with Pixum” #
  • … geeks doing good. #
  • @thomasknoll Another victim of the QA virus! Your life will never be the same. Say “bye-bye” to 80/20. *evuhl-seductive grin* #
  • @michaelreuter @dsifry I am gob-smacked at how that industry shows such impunity. (If I tried that in avionics/nav-aids I’d be shot. Truly.) #
  • @trishussey “Export the list”, you mean you Followings? I thot the same for uhh FFeed I think it is, that will accept CSV. Deff a valid RFE. #
  • ReTw @shelisrael: SM Media Global Report. @TheHomeDepot & Tweeting in a Hurricane: < #

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