BenTrem tweeted on 2008-10-25

  • @Mobasoft “needing to scroll down to read the 345th newest entry” But really, isn’t take-away “2008 and we’re still tripping over UI/IA 101” #
  • Have blender, will … uh … blend! > < (Good clean fun. Oh. Ok. Mebbe not so clean. Geesch I’m outta here!) #
  • You know your schedule is tooo tight when having watched World Series means putting in some hours on Friday evening. *shrug* #
  • Ohhh, I could sooo get back into music again … what more pleasure than flying a board! #
  • @jowyang I like this sort of thing but *blink* 21% creators, 69% spectators, and 25% inactive. *cough* #
  • @lisarokusek Did you notice that the “B” was scratched as mirror image. *tuk tuk tuk Anybody home?* #
  • @marcus_smith I’m talking about the DM you sent me. You know, DM? Direct message? Dewd. #
  • @Documentally I always use for anything not dead simple. #
  • @Documentally BTW if you install IV “Capture” is under “Options”. (Go figure.) ^5 #
  • Chillin #music #
  • “60% of technical doctorates now awarded in the United States go to foreign nationals” > < ( #
  • Read Information Week? Special referal offer: no charge subscription > < No scam; no kidding. #
  • Dear M$ – Running 2.0GHz (800MHZ) w/3Gig RAM, I’ve had FF2 lock up more in a week than previously in months on 300MHz Win98SE. #Vista #

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