BenTrem tweeted on 2008-10-20

  • #redsox Realized I had actually been holding my breath. #
  • RT @Bloggeries: Awesome – Solar Power Wifi Access Point Remote Island becoming a reality! Thanks to @dhatfield ! #
  • In plain English: Crisp fucked up. #
  • It should be bases loaded 1 out. Try too hard => screw your pals. #redsox #
  • Bay dodged the ball and then dodged a bullet. (Yes, he broke his wrists.) #
  • I’ve seen 3 failed bunt attempts out of 3 bunt attempts. C’mon. #redsox #
  • In any case: fabulous series. #redsox #
  • For my money, bottom line has to be: Sox add to the count with 3 more stranded, in the 8th. #
  • RT @brbreslin: i really am digging harvest co-op ( ) status messaging for groups = simple yet effective #
  • RT @ZDNetBlogs: “kill the office and let everyone telecommute? – [Astonished how few good positions allow this.] #
  • @adamostrow “small improvement in interface / big difference in experience” Hear, hear! 80/20 inapporiate in this. #
  • “Live Debate: Is Public Financing Still Needed?” > < [] #
  • @xxdesmus Lemme guess: data dictionary consists of a napkin w/list of items all marked “These are important” ;-P #
  • @jowyang In English, “sea food”. In French? “fruits de mers” :-) #
  • @shelisrael Kaiser Kuo … one of a series? I’m sure SM is comprised of some truly fascinating individuals. Bright plummage BoaF! #
  • @ourfounder re: “Concept mapping is a gift from cognitive psych heaven.” Peek iStrategy Labs > < #
  • @xxdesmus VB6 … *shudder/mental hair.ball* I did a VRML app in VB5. *gack ptui!* My uhhhh condolences. #
  • Colin Powel: “This is not the way we should do it in America.” My question: who is willing to generalize / actualize that sentiment? #OldDog #
  • McCain, supported by Haig and Kissinger (#WarCriminals) says he and Pailin are set to change American culture. No doubt! #
  • #Vista Yet again a folder full of documents and files displays as though it’s a collection of images. M$, you really suck. #
  • @ourfounder Fine idea! Oh now, wait … that’s c/w double-double, yes? ;) cheers #
  • ReTw @judell: Before disassembling anything, always take a photo first. [tip: lay out pieces from left to right as they come off] #
  • Duplicate items from CNet in the cute little google sidebar for Vista. If Web2.0 mattered at all we’d be royally screwed. #trivia #fun #toys #

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