BenTrem tweeted on 2008-10-10

  • #SortaKindaHistory Create a desktop folder. Wanna save a page “for later consideration”? Drag it there. B’mark that folder in ToolBar. #
  • @ambermacarthur Dunno about being the owner, but heh that was me & pals working OT on Saturday/Sundays. *shhhhh!* ;) #
  • @jimwhimpey Thanks for the plug. I sorta enjoy WorldOfWarcraft but $15/mnth … only $5 less than GameCenter! #
  • @colbypalmer If you’re considering cheese, I’d suggest mayo … you know, oily. ;) #
  • Do I still have my chops? It’s been years (decades?!) since I’ve written a review of anything > #
  • Good little camera; dim light; active band; slow exposure; high sensitivity = #
  • @Documentally Only in dreams? Mine transmogrified in the form of a world/jazz fusion band! see :-) #
  • @dankeldsen How’s trix? Interesting: a story fleshing out the material in your modules: < #
  • Chris Carlsson on radio talking Nowtopia > < And I thot it was just me! #
  • #Vista Total amateur crap. What’s Destop.ini doing on my desktop? Why does Winamp require permission? Why is it playing but not on taskbar? #
  • M$ … proof positive that cash rich means nothing about ability to actually generate value. Crap, M$ … amateurish crap. #Vista #
  • #Vista – M$ you are pathetically ignorant. Know what? When I open Vlume Mixer, I want to access internal/external mics. Too comple for you? #
  • #Vista – M$, you are pathologically ignorant. When I Customize Folder to view as Documents, I want to see FileTypes, not Genres. Pathetic. #
  • #Vista – M$, you are amazingly ham fisted. 1st you insist WinAmp reqs perms, then hide it from task bar, then sprinkle desktop.ini all over. #
  • @DonRiep Yup. I’m so POd my eyes cross. Thot I’d disabled UAC on day 1. Mebbe I had; I now trust this OS 0. thanks (Wrong task for Friday!) #
  • #Vista Brill. With UAC disabled, I can run WinAmp “normally”. But when it’s minimized it disappears entirely. Entirely. RPT entirely. Crap! #
  • #Vista Too funny: I copied Dell manual to Documents and renamed it. Vista changed view to Pictures. Just cuz. M$? You’re uber lame. #
  • #Vista Dear M$ – On ToolBar RightClick gets me “Volume Mixer”. (Contradistinct to cocktail? fools) No mic lvls. Win98 was better. Pathetic. #
  • OMfreakin’God. Sometime as I slept Vista blew away all my WinSCP sessions. All gone. Zero cfg. All have to be recreated. Shit sticks! #
  • #EccentricJoy – After repeated searches over ?what? months/years, I found (part of) my fave gagaku: [MP3] #
  • Sad to see John McCain ramp up the cracker bait. Reminds me of Colin Powell at the Security Council. Republican Party is some pwfull mojo. #
  • @chrisbrogan 100% duty cycle? You iz some SuperMan! ;) #

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