BenTrem tweeted on 2008-09-17

  • Bit-rot … amazing how many CDs went bad just sitting in a spindle/pile. #
  • @Mickeleh Musta being doing him/her/it right w/good care. NB: human prognoses are likewise conditional / based on avgs / misleading. #
  • “Free markets work” … sure. While AIG tanks, free-marketeers are clammering to a) close abortion clinics and b) have yet.more guns. #borg #
  • Evidence of pathology? Ok, how’z this: the Republicans go from Cheney to Palin. They’re insane. Insane. Not sane. Nuts. Crazy. F*cked. #
  • Republicans are 2-faced. “Smaller gov’t!!” becomes “We need regulators to be effective” and “Not what we wanted, but necessary.” Awful folk #

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