BenTrem tweeted on 2008-09-10

  • iMeem is pleasantly featureful but IA? Nawww … like the web in general, it’s basically the pleasure of stumbling around. Window shopping. #
  • #vampires Sure sigm of yuppie opportunist: voluble when it involves them, but sullen/withdrawn if/when it involves anybody else. #oligarchs #
  • @dankeldsen Ravel; one movement from concerto in GMaj > < Cat-nap music! ;-) #
  • The sort of thing I post “just for fun” > #
  • #hurricane #ike Moving slowly (8MPH) over the warm Gulf, now back up to Cat2 > < #
  • @al3x Saw your tweet, snooped your blog, ended up at … schweeet! #
  • @dankeldsen A good friend in the 70s had Ciccollini as teacher; wunnerful to see Ravel’s concerto for left hand played in social setting! #
  • I dare you: “With critical thinking we acquire means of upgrading our ability to judge well.” > #
  • @jazzychad I’ve seen other Twitter widgets, but yours is deff uber.something! Gotta luv Can Haz Burgers! >
  • @trishussey After years using diff buds I bought a fine set of full-ear studio cans … Sonys. I’d forgotten the pleasure! #

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