BenTrem tweeted on 2008-08-24

  • Why I’m keen on Jürgen Habermas’ “Discourse Ethics” > < [plato_stanford_edu] #
  • (bis) Why I’m keen on J├╝rgen Habermas’ “Discourse Ethics” > < [plato_stanford_edu] #
  • Pondering: who slaughtered the bison to starve a people into submission? who gave those people blankets shot through with smallpox? #borg #
  • Sad fact: most folk spend their lives thinking and thinking and thinking how to justify the fact of living as cowards, if not cheats. #karma #
  • Imagine: in Russia, China, others, folk cower under threat of real oppression. In the west, rich folk struggle with memories of integrity. #
  • To skip the hippie bullshit: how many wounded warriors are sleeping in ditches tonight? how many crack-heads kids? While you cower, again. #
  • @mashable When I’m in either vajrayana or airborne mode I’m up at 5AM. #
  • @mashable Someone asked an Apache elder how it was his men were such fine warriors. “Because they slept to have morning dreams.” heh #
  • How contrary am I /really/?! While (most of) you profit by marketing #matrix, I study/practice mantra. You wish AI, I wish splendid play. #
  • Hard truth is that folk are conditioned to respond to the psychopaths’ minions … conditioning. Kinda like town folk in a an old western. #
  • Hard truth: if you gave a good god damn you’d spend more that 7.2 minutes a week thinking on solutions. Shit headed suck-holes. #
  • A curious fact: China’s claim to Tibet is simply groundless. #

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