BenTrem tweeted on 2008-08-15

  • “There may be a settling of scores” … Russian mafiosi like Putin prosper by setting Ossetian thugs up against Georgian democrats. #psycho #
  • 1970s book “Her Own Worst Enemy” described how Kissinger types destroyed US future. Chile, Guatemala, Lebanon, Iran, on and on and on … #
  • Russian tactics in Georgia echo US tactics world-wide in the 50s, 60s, 70s: fuck up the status quo then leave the field to the vultures. #
  • Russian “peacekeeping” in Georgia: 10 journalists wounded, 5 killed. (CBC TV crew had vehicle and equipment stolen by Oss. troops.) #
  • Is there such a thing as online community? *shrug* I just emailed the Russian embassy in Canada > < You? #slackers #
  • “My cohort is a buncha sellouts”; that’s me being euphemistic. My cohort’s feckless passive-aggression has frittered unique wealth & power #
  • 3 points: 1) declare Putin _persona non grata_ 2) boot Russians from holdings like LiveJournal and 3) tank the Russian stock market. #
  • Ultimately, Russian aggression is part of a bigger cloth. “Incompetence is the thin edge of a wedge we call corruption.” #borg #oligarchs #

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