BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-30

  • @wilshipley My best buddy (double-degreed radio producer) took every chance to remind that we just do notRPTnot avoid forseeable crisis. #
  • @cdent I din’know you were a climber! My life plan is all about hunkering down within miles of Mt. Robson (near Jasper). #
  • @spiver If I was your retreat liaison you’d be getting a spanking! *grin* /_Mangalam_/ #
  • @technosailor “WP groove”; color me green w/envy. You sub’d to [WP-Pro]? This war-story’s worth a read. > < #
  • Gawd, I’m so warped: I just came up w/”If it doesn’t matter then it isn’t important” … no wonder folk find me hard to get along with. #
  • @technosailor *shrug* I dunno; just dig in and throw it over my shoulder again and again; glad you’re hooked up again. #
  • If I was an #oligarch I’d definitely perpetuate the status quo; how many young bucks have ever had the slightest team experience? #matrix #
  • My cross: I really, /really/ cannot sympathized with the mangled spirit of those who suckled at the breast of narcissism. No empathy. #
  • @dotBen writes “Watching America’s got talent, MySpace edition”; me? I watched *No empathy. None.* #
  • Is not the oddest site evah?! #
  • @Furrier Google Blog Search for should give some results > < #

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