BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-28

  • Summer thunderstorm c/w gravel-sized hail … no tornado warning. I sure hope the crops aren’t being beaten down. #
  • @gapingvoid Sounds reactionary to me, even when I grant your point. Perhaps the view from the A-list box is rosier? #
  • I think VM/cloud is quantum; folk can BS even about threading, but VM? Know/Don’t may serve to separate sheep from goats. #
  • “De-Risking Your Business Model: A How To Guide” > < gets _1_ comment. /me trouts @gapingvoid #
  • @gapingvoid Maybe a few folk still dare speak their minds, despite the oligarchs’ minions. /me trouts @1938media #
  • Coincidence: watching Harry Potter on TV (surprisingly well done!) and I notice the crypto-fascist ghouls rattling their chains. Full moon? #
  • @kvwong In the days of chemical photography (Tri-X pushed 3 stops; Microdol was key!) I used Beethoven … drama w/o break-beat. #
  • I’m not Ford; it isn’t history that urges me to reach for my gun. But my gawd, the A-list’s contemptuous impunity near justifies napalm. #
  • @gapingvoid Betcha I know less! heh But I was web-logging in ’95. (I re-met John December’s CMCMag coupla days ago.) I just do. *shrug* #
  • @1938media I’ll skip the pot/kettle gambit: what seems like “arrogance” is most often lack of realistic self-esteem grabbing for some sun. #
  • Gawd … a meeting of true minds that makes snuff-films seem merely indelicate. *time for more Sterling Ale* #
  • Hint: with the guys were in the living room swinging their pricks around I was in the kitchen doing the mix and meeting folk with a brain. #
  • Hint2: when nasty/jaded yuppies’ kidz frame the discourse … I’ll be in the kitchen, doing the mix … waiting for folk with a brain. #
  • #cat/bag/out Grok HoloDeck? Ok … wrap your neurons around this: CogniChat. c) bdt 2008 (Hone-in on _glasperlenspiel_.) #
  • “Elite is a rejection of mediocrity”.” Ah-lha; true aristocracy is understanding, tolerant. _Noblesse oblige_. #borg #matrix #oligarchs #
  • @kvwong I developed / printed my last roll of film a long time ago … early 90s. Not sure why, but just do snapshots now. #
  • Valuation of IP: if I put a method that saves engineers 5 hrs/wk and improves the product, how to $$ that?> < #
  • Fully 12yrs later, precious little progress > < “Netizens’ Netbook” [columbia_edu] #
  • Too much good stuff … <> < #
  • *fixed* Too much good stuff > <> < and > < #
  • RIP Richard Rorty?! *blink* I didn’t know. > < #
  • #think – “I think it would be a mistake for liberals to try to beat conservatives at their own game …” < #

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