BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-20

  • Why you’re right to not want me an officer: I recognize that painfully trite thrash is merely an excuse for not weighing in on the issues. #
  • @technosailor Aaron: mebbe works as trampoline. #
  • Alt scenario: carry on enabling oligarchs’ overthrow of democracy; retire (c/w pension), invest in Web2.0 and establish Zen center. *fools* #
  • 8 tries w/TalkShoe … 1 connect; 7 “Service Unavailable”. That’s the trouble with trying to actually Get Something Done. heh #
  • Want a real fast society IQ? Log into TalkShoe. What do I know? I’m headed out with my djembe to jam on the street. *horrific* #
  • My flaw? I’ve bothered to try and talk with you … years in the cesspool. #
  • My take-away from Aaron’s show: “poor rich kid” excuses all faults, because those w/o self-esteem aspire to nothing greater. #matrix #borg #
  • @technosailor “Overall the play quality was wey good, for what that’s worth.” There were no horrid moments; just stretches of B-grad. ^5 #
  • @technosailor TU for confirming my thoughts re: OS and community. I’m pro sound man (20yrs) at your rate $250/day I own your soul. *spit* #
  • @technosailor TU for confirming my thoughts re: humanity in general. $250/hr? Naww … $250/day. But I lift weight. #
  • E-Ma! Ignored wratched back and went to SatPM jam w/djembe for 3 hrs of all-out. Today, despite dehydration, my back is A-ok! #
  • Everything I’ve found on #ExtremeOpenBusiness seems created in the last month or 2 … really that new a concept? #
  • “Why not GWT? Understand the drawbacks of GWT in seconds with real example!” … ohh? *blink* #
  • #WarStory > < Pimp My Code, Part 15: “The Greatest Bug of All” [wilshipley_com] #
  • “damn. I’ve been programming for a long, long, long […] long time, and I’ve never seen a bug like this.” #
  • TourdeFrance coverage shows how clumsy / incoherent voice comms are … 2008 you say? pshaw! #
  • re-tweet @photomatt “It’s not downtime, it’s “Elevated error rates”. Ha!” huh huh > < #

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