BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-13

  • P2P at ning on the nature of the web / the net > < #
  • @mitchellmckenna Such as annotation of video is /absolutely core/ to my project. BTW/FWIW/FYI > < #
  • Dear google – When I view a message and click Inbox I really don’t need you to force a new Tab. sincerely &tc *D’uh!* #
  • Dear google – When I select a set of msgs then Mark as Read, WTF do you leave them selected / force me to unselect individually?! *D’uhhh!* #
  • (bis) “Web Science Research Initiative” > < Other Yihong Ding goodness > < … #
  • Supper: spag w/chicken in white sauce #
  • @nazgul de Lint, wow, I’d forgotten all about him. Thanks for the n00dge! #
  • Would LEOs subject bikers to this crap? #

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