BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-08

  • /me is fed up with troubleshooting uber-funded sites / projects. #
  • @technosailor I started w/coComment long time ago. so felt loyalty. And IntenseDebate has some advantages. But yaa, DisqUs GetsItDone. #
  • @mashable Time to re-visit coComment / IntenseDebate / DisqUs? > < #
  • Overwhelmed by the thought that anomie is entirely appropriate. #
  • @yourdon Mebbe Karl things he’s being heroic / true / loyal / principled / martyr for some fine cause? *Hideous thugs, they are.* #
  • @technosailor “easier to wrangle to accomplish what I need” is whot I was thinkin’. (BG checking out WhoSez) #
  • Henry Kissinger school of neo-realism: contrive an over-arching conceptualization then /impose it/ on reality. #
  • @yourdon Ed, I’m sure you appreciate how, in the end, he’s just a fall-guy. The oligarchs are _eminence grise_. But yaa, it’s a picture. #
  • Chicken c/w mixed veg and rice … life is good! #
  • @technosailor a good one; I’d say “no need to be seeing every single email on my Blackberry” is key. triage / granularity #
  • /me notes that “too busy” is the swiss army knife of excuses; sometime true, sometimes not … sometimes passive agression, sometimes sloth #
  • @alexknowshtml FF isn’t growing like Twitter did, but it is growing. #
  • (bis) Forming a cc/TiddlyWiki “room” #
  • I can’t feed Summize results to FriendFeed … but can’t place link, either. RFE: blogroll in room page. #
  • (bis) Forming a “room” for #TiddlyWiki and cc > < #
  • @gregkureluk Greets! Turns out I’ve been following @chrislabossiere for a while. #

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