BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-04

  • seeding google: Ben Tremblay Canadaday flickr: #
  • @interstar Cuz Google Analytics knows how to drive traffic to their own pages? *innocent gaze* #
  • Breaking news? Communism imposed on Monglolia, as we (we?!) allowed communism to impose itself on Tibet. #ShakeUrFnHead #
  • Read for meaning: mnot2019s Web log: “Moving Beyond Methods in REST” > | < #
  • @kellan TU 4 “Patterns for … a Reputation System” ยป YUIBlog”. Pret’near nails that issue. #
  • “AudioGame”?! ? *puuuurk!* #
  • @dotBen … and banana’s a banana iff w/xdegree of curve. _Reductio ad absurdum_ in the dept of nomenclature. #
  • @DanielBaird HiYa – just added you to the OsmoSoftians on my list of Tweeters’ blogs > < #

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