BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-02

  • Artifacts from 10hrs in a pub > < … a happy Canada Day was had by, well, most. heh #
  • Simon Willison on “Comet” server-push > < “Comet works, and it2019s easier than you think” #
  • (bis) reTweet @mde: “ — possible Twitter replacement, open source, open licensing, OpenID.” … takes forever to load. #
  • Tell me SigInt don’t have consequences: “Colombian army rescues hostages from rebels” > < #
  • Loooord thunderin’Jeeebuz; trying to post to a google group I get “An error …while trying to post, please try again later.” *Get a grip!* #
  • Q: When you sympathize with a TV/film character, is it abstract? Do you not know a crippled/PTSD vet? a druggie? an alcoholic? an x-con? #

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