BenTrem tweeted on 2008-06-23

  • How trite is online “community”? Peek the WikiPedia entry for “Online Deliberation” > < Pretty pathetic. … #
  • @angryamoeba Oh, hey, I trust you and Chirrup. But perception is reality; I was suggesting that there might be resistance. FWIW #
  • #UberGoodness – Puppet > < [reductivelabs_com] … like “make” on steroids. *wh00t!* #
  • The sort of thing I usta read: > < Journal of Consciousness Studies #
  • Amazing the variety of excuses yuppies and their kidz come up with for behaving brain-damaged. Actually, they’re simply ill-mannered. #
  • I created the !Q! trick on my in 2002 … folk today are too ADHD even to mouse-over. #matrix #borg #
  • Programming to meet today’s mental state has given us MySpace and FaceBook. Forgive me if I don’t find that cause to celebrate. #borg #
  • @entangledstate REALLY? The HippieDippy WeatherMan is no more? Awwwwww … hope he enjoyed a peaceful passing. *dang!* #
  • @interstar Your take on it is spot on; bet you’d enjoy Chalmers on “the hard question” > #
  • @OriginalSignal I just added RSSMeme to my NetVibes, thanks! > < #
  • @OriginalSignal I just added RSSMeme to my NetVibes, thanks! > < #
  • #pdf2008 is making nice use of Grazr for tweets > < [pdf2008_confabb_com] #
  • @technosailor You and others too. Disqus, IntenseDebate, coComment, and now @angryamoeba’s Chirrup … need some aggregation. #
  • @jermolene No link to Osmosoft in your profile? (I just grokked Confabb “Note Sharer … awesome!) > < #
  • Harvard’s Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research is on Ning: #

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