BenTrem tweeted on 2008-06-21

  • “When you stop people from doing what they do best you drive them insane.” Bourgeois zero-sum game is mind-f**k. #
  • WTF is gopher:// ? What the H does “gopher” do? *snort giggle choke sputter* #
  • @tommorris What part of “snort giggle choke” wasn’t clear enough? I was using gopher 15+ urs ago. *d’uh!* #
  • CPSR is totally out of steam … I guess yuppies’ kidz don’t have time for social justice, too busy trying to out $$$ their folks. #
  • @dahowlett Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility … quite a player in its day. HeyHo, and so it goes. *sigh* #
  • @redmonk Lotsa folk I know are going “fixed gear” … parsimony / elegance / simplicity yada-blah. Something charmingly retro about it. #
  • Got 49mins for interview w/female Tibetan Buddhist teacher? > < [www_chroniclesradio_com] #
  • @guykawasaki Going through a 5yr collection of Web2-related links earlier, I came to think “Prob is, IT ain’t Darwinian”. Wankers thrive! #
  • “Marshal McLuhan” anyone? Dig: the game industry replicates for dweebs the over-arching metaphor that you live: fiction. You’re sophists. #
  • Kewlio! At *cough* a certain time of night my tweets stream reads like IRC or PowWow _circa_ 1998. *beam* > < #
  • Here’s what I’m working on: proven that mastery != decency, so virtuosity/virtue no longer obtains. Yuppie culture has defeated _bushido_. #
  • Ooh, that’s nice … the WP group I started is featured on HomePage > < #
  • @carterlusher Today I awoke thinking of Sun Tzu’s “sage general” / my project. TU for your “harvest insights”! < #
  • Most folk have strong opinions on most things; most times, folk have slim reasons for those opinions; most times, those reasons are wrong. #
  • Humiliating, to work with Win98SE at 300MHz. Karma for having been too earnest, I guess. #
  • @cote No “follow” so couldn’t DM you, and no DM on FriendsF … you’re on the list at > < #
  • @interstar If I had 2 boxes 1 would be linux, for sure. But even more salient: why doesn’t my work warrant proper tools. #
  • Clash of cultures: so long as “Gotta be practical!” means sucking up to mundane corruption, my syllogistic analysis is viewed as a threat. #

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