BenTrem tweeted on 2008-06-10

  • Catastrophic reliance on trucking/diesel for food distribution; breaking news?! I wrote abt that in’75. For 30 yrs yuppies kiss-ass & suck. #
  • Karma 101B: when you reward and buddy up to those who provide you w/plausible deniability you no longer know your ass from hole in ground #
  • Cool … profile of tech Seattle on BBCTV. How smart and clever equate to blithe and cavalier. #
  • How lame am I? My first web project (1995) was to feed CARE and OXFAM a communications strategy. _Pro bono_, of course. _Ipso facto_. #
  • heh kewl: I switched channel from engagement to boredom and find myself experiencing cynicism. Pattern confirmed! #
  • Regular afternoon AM programming interrupted by a short lecture on how to respond to approach of funnel clouds. Yuppie karma. #

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