BenTrem tweeted on 2008-05-27

  • Pre-game tune for Det/Pitt: Canadian folkie Stompin’ Tom Conners > < [last_fm] “Good Ole’ Hockey Game” #
  • Pitts player sucker-punhces Det player, no call. In the old days Howe would bide his time, find him in a corner, and break one of his ribs. #
  • Shows character … or lack of same. Penguins ‘heap shots don’t make up for lame play. #virtue/virtuosity #
  • Penguins really showing their stuff: didn’t quite knock the goalie down behind the net so 30 secs later behind the net again they drill him #
  • The pros who don’t retaliate game1: 4-0 … game2: 3-0 … interesting to watch hot-shots implode when someone calls them on their stuff. #
  • History: more Canadians now working retail than manufacturing … have-nots doing min-wage jobs servicing yuppies. #
  • @mcwflint “that was a loooooong time ago”. Oh? Another diss? In fact and actually it’s headline news here. Don’t throw fiction in my face. #
  • @akaMonty Jeanne d’Arc was inconveniently frank in her conviction. With victory won, the A-list needed her burned. see my next #
  • My cohort, the now yuppies, “the hippie generation”, are profoundly corrupt. Factoid: the USA won WWII because Truman castrated corruption. #
  • *re:Charlie Rose* Fatally naive: great minds think USofA can change tack. What of 100s of 1000s yuppies who earn their salt by selling out? #
  • My small band of 70s peers said that day’s policies would ramify forward as the 50s’ had. Su Khi house-arrest extended. #burma #oligarchs #

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