BenTrem tweeted on 2008-05-18

  • Google maps geek? Back-country sky/snowboard? Alpinist? Gimme a shout DM, do. #
  • A diff sort of political campaign. (We failed w/Hussein.) How to snuff the Burmese junta? Let it be known /globally/ that they’re thugs. #
  • Rule of law: my yuppie cohort shrugs it off cuz they know their interest$. "Following orders" is too frank. They just shrug & dissemble. #
  • Algae 10 or 100 times better as source of bio-fuel. I said that, too, 20 years ago. My yuppie cohort ignored that, too. #borg #
  • @mde In my 1 series of email with TimBL (1995) I wondered about how to include snippets into pages. The community produced Frames. *sigh* #

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